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Flying Wings -- Utopia 烏托邦

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Utopia 烏托邦
烏托邦是一隻雙布面的特殊風箏,它適合中至高階飛行者飛行,由於它特殊的雙布面設計,可讓飛行者做不同的調整以適合不同的風況飛行,借由調整的過程,,可讓飛行者對風箏的結構及飛行的理論有更進一步的認知 !
The combination of DragNose sail, Trick Tail Technology and “Two-Piece” sail design has redefined the stunt kite structural concept. Utopia is a kite for advanced/professional Pilots. The character of it can easy be changed to fit the different flying styles. Pilots have the chance to train their knowledge about stunt kite construction just by playing around with the different adjustments.

尺寸 Wingspan 105cm x 190 cm (74.8")
配桿 Frame Dynamic T10 Wrapped Carbon - Solid carbon
布面 Sail Toray Ventex
重量 Weight 190g
風速 Wind 1 ~ 12 mph
機種 Style 彈跳、花式
等級 Level 中~高階飛行者
單價 Price NT$ 4,000 -

圖檔 購物專線:04-24757502 or E-mail :

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