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Revolution - John Barresi 強風版

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Revolution Signature Series - John Barresi Vtd 強風版


The John Barresi Signature Series Vented model is the a necessary tool for any hard core precision or competition flier... In addition to the added performance of a vented Revolution, the B-Series graphics are configured to accommodate the venting without sacrificing or changing the look of your kite.

This model comes with the pre-tied adjustable 13" handles, as well as a 4 wrap frame.

Adding the vented to your collection not only expands your wind range, it also gives you the ability to switch back and forth between the three total frames which come with the vented and standard... Ever flown a vented with 2 wrap spars in 8 mph? If not, you really must give it a try!

    尺寸 Wingspan 91 "
    配桿 Frame 4-wrap 1/4" spars
    布面 Sail Polyester
    重量 Weight
    風速 Wind 6-25 mph (4 wrap frame)
    10-40 mph (4 wrap frame w/3 wrap LE added)
    機種 Style 四線控.彈跳.花式
    等級 Level 初~高階飛行者
    單價 Price NT$ 9,800 -

圖檔 購物專線:04-24757502 or E-mail :

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