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Revolution - REV 1.5 SLE

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Revolution - REV 1.5 SLE


Rev 1.5M 是設計給稍有飛行經驗的飛行者,它有著較快,準確及敏感的特性,由其他的下衝煞車瞬間靜止的特功能,是其他款式所無法媲美 ! 加上其布面受風力的均衡設計,使其可在極弱及極強的風況都可以飛行‧

The Rev 1.5 SLE continues to be the most dominant quadline sportwing on the market today, both with leisure fliers and competitors alike. The 1.5 SLE has a great sail-to-weight ratio which gives the pilot the freedom to fly in a wide range of wind conditions.
The ripstop polyester sail teamed with the Super Leading Edge has created a sportwing that is quicker (clocked flying over 45 mph) with enhanced controllability.

    尺寸 Wingspan 91"
    配桿 Frame 3-wrap
    w/ 7/16" Super Leading Edge
    布面 Sail Polyester
    重量 Weight 9.4 Oz.
    風速 Wind 4~20mph
    機種 Style 四線控.彈跳.花式
    等級 Level 初~高階飛行者
    單價 Price NT$ 6,400 -
    控制把手單價 NT$ 1,200 -
    Laser Gold 4線控飛行線( 90LB 20米) NT$ 1,800 -

圖檔 購物專線:04-24757502 or E-mail :

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