Flying Wings -- Mighty Bug 1.5 超級甲蟲

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Flying Wings -- Mighty Bug 1.5 超級甲蟲

文章admin » 2010-04-22, 10:59

Flying Wings -- Mighty Bug 1.5 超級甲蟲


超級甲蟲是Flying Wings Kite 全新傘型無支架雙線風箏,這3款新設計比同樣尺寸的風箏拉力都來得大!
Mighty Bug 1.5 可用於三輪車之拉力風箏!

Mighty Bug is all new series from Fling Winds kite. All these 3 sizes foil pulls then others in same scale.
Mighty Bug 1.5 has the super power. It can be the engine for buggy.
Most attractive is the kite bag design. Easy to pack and unpack.

    尺寸 Wingspan 79cm x 190cm
    配桿 Frame
    布面 Sail Ripstop Nylon
    重量 Weight
    風速 Wind 5 ~ 30 mph
    機種 Style 降落傘型雙線風箏
    等級 Level 低~中階飛行者
    單價 Price NT$ 3,080 -
    deluxe multi-purpose carrying bag

圖檔 購物專線:04-24757502 or E-mail :

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Re: Flying Wings -- Mighty Bug 1.5 超級甲蟲

文章talev » 2010-05-29, 13:14

I bought a mighty bug 1.5 recently and realised that the bridle design has changed from the old design.

This new bridle design is not good. The kite will deflate very easily during turning and gusty wind.

Can you provide the dimensions of the old bridle design please?
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