Flying Wings -- Mighty Bug 0.5 超級甲蟲

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Flying Wings -- Mighty Bug 0.5 超級甲蟲

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Flying Wings -- Mighty Bug 0.5 超級甲蟲


超級甲蟲是Flying Wings Kite 全新傘型無支架雙線風箏,這3款新設計比同樣尺寸的風箏拉力都來得大!
Mighty Bug 0.5 比同級風箏可在較弱風狀況飛行!

Mighty Bug is all new series from Fling Winds kite. All these 3 sizes foil pulls then others in same scale.
Mighty Bug 0.5 can be fly with lowest wind condition compare to others.

    尺寸 Wingspan 48cm x 120cm
    配桿 Frame
    布面 Sail Ripstop Nylon
    重量 Weight
    風速 Wind 5 ~ 30 mph
    機種 Style 降落傘型雙線風箏
    等級 Level 低~中階飛行者
    單價 Price NT$ 1,540 -
    deluxe multi-purpose carrying bag

圖檔 購物專線:04-24757502 or E-mail :

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